Why the AS Foundation?

There are many expenses that come with pursuing a legal career. The AS Foundation will help relieve financial barriers by assisting those eligible to get:



Travel Tickets

Online Subscriptions

Part Funded / Discounted Academic Scholarships

Our targets (from January 2020)


Applicants funded through the AS Foundation


Legal events attended by applicants


Applicants receiving workwear

How to apply

Need financial assistance?

Step 1

Identify what you need financial assistance for, why you need it and how you are going to use it.

Check eligibility and exclusions


Review the eligibility criteria and exclusions before you proceed.

Gather information and contact details


Take some time to gather the required information and contact details as we cannot process your application without this all.



The online application process is straightforward but please complete it in one sitting as you cannot return to a part finished application.

Need financial assistance to pursue your career in law?

To be considered for financial assistance from the AS Foundation you must be in the United Kingdom, planning a career as a solicitor in the United Kingdom, be over 18 years old on the day of your application and meet at least one of the following criteria:

Have attended a state (non-selective) school

Be the first generation of your family to attend University

Have received a scholarship or bursary because of your family income/social mobility status

Consider yourself to be from a low-income background

Received free school meals

Have spent time in local authority care

Have been a refugee/asylum seeker

Have been in paid employment during your A-levels for 20+ hours per week

Have been in paid employment during your undergraduate degree for 10+ hours per week

You must also:

Be currently on, or have a place confirmed, at a part time or full time undergraduate or postgraduate course

Demonstrate a firm commitment to pursuing a career as a solicitor

If only the AS Foundation was there for me

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Working with our Founders and Supporters, we are helping aspiring solicitors facing financial difficulty by part funding scholarships, providing train tickets, study resources, laptops or work wear.

Looking to make an application?
Here’s what we cannot cover

Living expenses e.g. including but not limited to rent, bills, childcare, travel costs to/from university

Costs for things that have already been paid for

Gap year or overseas projects

Non personal expenditure such as a community project

Fees for non-law courses or any other costs associated with studying, including an undergraduate degree

Medical treatment

Any type of business start-up regardless of whether it is associated with the legal profession

Any other applications for funding that fall outside of the AS Foundation Constitution