About us

Our impact

We are proud to have made a difference to several aspiring solicitors by providing much needed assistance.  Please take some time to read the personal messages from some of our beneficiaries in our booklets – it could be you soon!


Who are we?

The AS Foundation was established by the founder of Aspiring Solicitors, Chris White, a separate and distinct Charity from Aspiring Solicitors.  Aspiring Solicitors has helped over 4,500 individuals secure vacation schemes and training contracts in the legal profession since 2014 but it has been unable to provide financial assistance to its members.  The newly formed AS Foundation enters this space to make a meaningful difference to all aspiring solicitors (whether members of Aspiring Solicitors, or not) requiring additional financial assistance to enter the legal profession.

A career in the legal profession is often seen as an impossible dream by those from lower socio-economic backgrounds, no matter how strong their drive, dedication, and positivity.

Typically, their only route into the legal profession is expensive and requires significant financial investment that is not available to everybody.

The AS Foundation objective is to remove financial barriers to the legal profession that smart, ambitious, and energised aspiring solicitors can face when considering a career in law.  By removing financial barriers we aim not only to help aspiring solicitors achieve their potential but also to rejuvenate the workforce of law firms across the United Kingdom.

What do we do?

The AS Foundation provides financial assistance to Undergraduate, Graduate and Post-Graduates (typically students) who are seeking a career as a solicitor.

We purchase, for example, laptops, study resources, travel tickets and business clothing for our applicants.  We provide part funded scholarships.

Individuals choose the AS Foundation as they have ambition but lack funds to take them forwards. They are seeking a hand up with financial assistance so they can get closer to Law Firms and land the career of their dreams.

Law Firms and corporates choose to support us in our quest to improve social mobility.

Who are our charity partners?

Our charity partners play a significant part in helping us achieve our objective – to remove financial barriers to the legal profession.  We are proud to be associated with charity partners who help us reach and support individuals from low income backgrounds to make a difference to their lives.